Technology Partners:

Baxter Research is fully XML-integrated with the following software and application service providers:

  Accio Data partners with premier screening firms and the best data suppliers to provide you with a powerful, flexible software platform. When you need a customizable screening platform with plenty of power, you can depend on Accio Data.
  Whatever your current size, BackChecked will instantly put you on par with the biggest players in the background screening industry. Your clients get the on-line features they demand. You get an efficient back-office system as a bonus. You're also directly connected to a who's who of data suppliers via XML. strives to be a leader in changing the way background screening companies do business. Many companies today can no longer use off-the-shelf products to solve their background screening software needs. Our focus is on providing companies with a flexible proven technology infrastructure to run a background screening company.
  TazWorks has worked very hard over the years to develop powerful and efficient web-based background screening software. The completely redesigned InstaScreen Premiere 2.0 showcases a very broad range of features to help make your background screening process simple and powerful. Click here to read more about our InstaScreen Premiere 2.0 background screening software.



We have used Baxter Research for several years now and found them to be one of the best criminal research services out there. When we came to Baxter we were looking for a new research provider as the one we were using was not up to our standards. Timothy, Sara and their research group have proven to be outstanding in service as well as accuracy. They are very pleasant to work with and are extremely efficient. I know if I have a question or concern it will be addressed immediately. I have been approached by many other providers and have always responded the same way: 'when you find the best, why change?'

Donna Baker