Morals ideally constitute the basic principles which guide us to a higher quality of life, enabling people to live together productively in relative harmony.

Another key component of the Criminon program involves orienting the individual to 21 fundamental social virtues as contained in the booklet, The Way to Happiness.

These 21 precepts constitute the only unbiased, non-religious moral code based wholly on common sense.

Each precept has been expressed as a public service announcement, all of which can be viewed at

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to enroll in and be a participant in the Criminon Rehabilitation Program. “The Way to Happiness” extension course has been for me an eye-opening, life-changing experience, and one which has blessed my personal life and well-being tremendously. Never in all the years of my incarceration have I been moved to again hope and belief in the future, nor inspired to change, truly, truly change as I have now been so moved and inspired to do, in order to become a better, brighter and far more benevolent person. The many precepts taught and promoted within this course are not only vital to my own peace of mind and peaceful interaction with prison life, but are also invaluable to me making it successfully out in the streets. And to think that I’ve only just begun to engage upon this newfound path and journey. So I am excited about all that the future holds in store for me. For me, two words define clearly the overall message of “The Way to Happiness” extension course: Truth and Love. Truth to oneself and honest interaction with our fellow man, Love of life and love for the world we live in and love towards our fellow man, but even more importantly that we love ourselves. Again, Thank You, Criminon.