About Baxter Research

A unique hybrid of in-court and multi-regional provider, we are a direct source of public record research whose feet are on the courthouse steps. We offer the responsiveness of an individual researcher, yet the resources, customer service and technical ability of a nationwide provider.

To date we have reliably provided millions of quality background checks—in compliance with industry standards we participated in establishing.

When the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) began forming in 2002, we were asked to help formulate professional standards for Criminal Research Providers—which eventually evolved into the NAPBS Criminal Research Provider Guidelines, more recently complemented by their on-line Exam.

Timothy was furthermore invited to co-chair the founding NAPBS Provider Committee, from which position he helped bring about the creation of seven other sets of NAPBS Provider Guidelines, including the industry-critical NAPBS Provider Data Security & Privacy Guidelines and their upcoming on-line Exam.

Accordingly, Baxter Research has forgone the commonplace practice of insecurely aggregating consumer PII in a residential environment; electing instead to contain all PII within a secure electronic environment, and housing our servers in a commercial data center.

Furthermore we've invested years of development in our innovative third generation Researcher Direct™, a data-secure mobile application which consummates a secure, seamless, direct integration between our integrated clients and their dedicated researchers in the courts.

All members of our research group with access to PII are required to undergo a background check, as well as certify on any available NAPBS Provider Guidelines Exams.

We furnish a high quality, relatively data secure service at an increasingly competitive rate—without skimping on professional provider standards such as adequate Errors, Omissions and Liability Insurance; effective data security measures; formal training and apprenticing; a working knowledge of the applicable laws, standards and guidelines of our sector; required licensure; and the myriad other unseen smaller actions that differentiate the more professional provider.

With Baxter Research you can rest assured we are your researchers. Our administrative model safeguards against the hidden pitfalls of "cottage industry expansion" (the friend's neighbor's daughter of the provider you initially hired winds up handling your research as her summer job).

Our purpose is to help protect honest employers and employees from antisocial behavior in the workplace.

Our mission is to earn our client's loyalty by combining our administrative skill, industry experience and innovative technology to deliver an optimum in value, speed and quality of service at a level of comprehensive data security relatively unseen in the provider sector of our industry.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, read our published articles Names on a Page and A Piece of Paper in a File.

We have used Baxter Research for all our research needs in all but one county they cover for more than ten years. The one county we don't use them for is Santa Clara County, CA, where we are based, and that is only because we do our own research at the various county courthouses here.

Baxter Research is responsive, accurate, has outstanding turn around time, cheerfully accommodates rushes and special requests when we need them, are competitively priced and have always treated us well. If I have a question they have the answers I can trust and, in this business, that means a lot.

I personally see them in action daily at the Santa Clara County courthouses and see how they compare with other research firms. Baxter researchers are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and know how to deal with sometimes difficult court clerks to get the rapid responses that other researches are often unable to obtain. I also see the Researcher Direct™ technology they are using to speed the results directly from the courthouse.

I've seen Timothy Baxter conduct training sessions and lecture about courthouse research and record screening many times at background screening conferences throughout the country over the years, and I have watched him guide and help develop the standards for his profession. His people are a testament to his knowledge, integrity and dedication to his field.

I've had many companies try to sell me their research services over the years but no one has been able to match the customer service, the speed, the accuracy and the ability to respond quickly to special requests as well as Baxter Research.

I use a number of individual researchers and research companies in all fifty states. Baxter Research sets the standard by which I measure all of them. However none can match the level of confidence and the level of service Baxter Research provides me; and my reputation with my customers and the level of service I provide them with is owed in a large part to them.

Stephen Ziemkowski
Director, Background Division
Parkin Security Consultants