We provide a variety of quality public record research services. Our clients are predominately Consumer Reporting Agencies specializing in background screening, as well as firms that specialize in business and private investigation, corporate incentives and legal research and retrieval.

We primarily offer the following types of hands-on research:

  • County Criminal & Civil
  • Federal Criminal & Civil
  • Workers' Compensation
  • County Recorder (Grantor/Grantee)
  • Secretary of State`

Why Baxter Research?

Because we:

  • Comprehensively secure all consumer PII entrusted to us;
  • Require background checks on all members of our research group with access to PII;
  • Securely link your dedicated in-court researchers via our innovative Researcher Direct™, enabling them to receive your orders and return your results directly from the field;
  • Provide flexible integration options to optimize the speed, quality and security of your work flow, eliminating costly and inefficient manual handling of your data;
  • Eliminate potential search parameter confusions by publishing our default search product in writing;
  • Fully complement our research service with dedicated customer service;
  • Minimize or eliminate your need to continually contact us for status updates by:

    • Furnishing ETAs on any court-delayed record information;
    • Promptly updating ETAs as needed—before the original ETA expires, and including the reason why;
    • Promptly processing any client pending lists we receive;
    • Providing direct, real-time access to our system via our web-based Status Inquiry feature, which includes PDFs of all previously reported results.
    • Performing regular "housekeeping" on client sites wherever feasible;
  • Offer a variety of client account options and preferences;
  • Maintain a service-alert hotline to expedite the resolution of any service issues;
  • Issue timely and informative Client Alerts on any situation that could potentially affect service to your clients;
  • Minimize your potential exposure. Aside from our formal training, apprenticing, NAPBS certification and quality assurance measures, all researchers possess their required licensure, and are fully covered by Errors, Omissions and Liability Insurance.
  • Never respond to a significant mishap with a shoulder-shrug or an attribution to the condition of being human—or otherwise leave you to handle your client in a vacuum of data. Instead, we will thoroughly investigate what occurred, determine the real cause, correct ourselves accordingly and provide a frank, comprehensive report of our findings and our handling to prevent a recurrence.
  • Observe the NAPBS Criminal Research Provider Guidelines and the NAPBS Data Security & Privacy Guidelines.
  • Provide you with a fully itemized invoice as well as web-accessible PDFs of all past invoices.

In the often abstract or out-of-view Provider Sector of the Background Screening Industry, it is not especially difficult to assemble a slick website, conjure all the right rhetoric, and then begin offering the next "best" cheaper commodity dressed as a professional product.

In considering any Criminal Research Provider it is advisable to investigate what professional provider standards they demand of their In-Court Researchers. After all, it is they who will be handling much of your research, including transporting, transmitting, storing and eventually discarding all of the confidential PII directly or indirectly entrusted to them.

How will they minimally secure this information? Have they certified with the NAPBS by passing their Guidelines Exams? Do they possess their required licensure? Are they adequately insured against errors, omissions and liability?

You can even experience our service directly by opening a Trial Account and running us side-by-side with your current provider.

Free of charge. No obligation. Contact us today and we'll set you up.

Our company utilizes court records research firms throughout the US. Baxter Research is one of the very best we have worked with. They place the highest emphasis on quality. Their turnaround and customer service are fantastic. They are both honest and professional. On a scale of one to ten I would rate them as an eleven!

Lynn Peterson
PFC Information Services, Inc.

Over the past twenty-three years in the screening industry we have used just about every criminal research vendor there is in every country of the world. We have never been as satisfied with a research company as we are with Baxter Research. Timothy, Sara, and the rest of their team are the most professional researchers we have ever worked with. When there is a problem, they always step up and make sure you know exactly what happened and why. They get the results fast and accurate. They are always there when you need them and happy to help with anything they can. I could not recommend a service with higher praise.

Larry L. Lambeth
Employment Screening Services, Inc.

Baxter Research gets it! Timothy, Sara and their friendly research group understand what is important to a consumer reporting agency: accurate reports, fast turnaround, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. During the past 2 ½ years we have experienced all of the above as they have performed our county searches. At the end of the day, I know that by having Baxter Research process our court searches they will come back fast and accurate, which is so important. Keep up the good work!

Brook Parker
Jungle Source, Inc.